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“Philippine Immigration Expert has
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Take 5 minutes to read this true life story. It just may save you the months and years of gut-wrenching agony most people encounter when attempting to get a fiancée, spousal or K3 visa.

From: Mike
Monday, 10:42 AM

Dear Friend,

There’s only one reason to be reading this letter: You are looking for the fastest, no-hassle, and inexpensive way to get your fiancée or spouse out of the Philippines.

If this is you – you’ve landed on the “most valuable website” on the entire Internet. And, it will pay you – to read on.

I will tell you where to get all the applications, forms, and paperwork for the fiancée, spousal or K3 visa. And, I’ll give you plenty of tips on how to do this whole crazy thing yourself (if that’s what you want to do). And, I’ll even show you how to get the lowest airfares you’ve ever seen!

But first, let me tell you a story about a guy named “Frank”. It’s not very long – and you’ll find it fascinating. I’ll call it…

…4 years, Nine Trips & $35,677.42 Down the Drain!

Here goes… Frank contacted a friend of his at the USCIS for help getting a K1 fiancée visa. That was where the trouble started. Even though this friend was well intentioned – she cost Frank over six months in wasted time, because she only knew the steps to be taken in the U.S. (kinda).

She had no clue that paperwork being sent (to the wrong agency) in the Philippines

…Was being thrown away!

Yeah. They wouldn’t even forward it. Or, return it. They just threw it away! Took them six months to figure that out.

Anyway, once that mystery was solved – they needed to round up his fiancées birth certificate. Good news. She had it. Only problem was…

…It was screwed up!

And the embassy would not accept it. She had to start from scratch getting a new birth certificate. Another 57 days up in smoke.

Fact: 93% of all Philippine birth certificates are inaccurate. And, the only time it matters – is when they need a passport. (More about that in a minute).

Okay, so now the birth certificate is fixed. It’s 337 days after the process started. Now they need to start getting “clearances”. From the NBI. The police. The Barangay (huh?). Plus the postal ID. And, don’t forget…

…They still don’t have a passport!

And then guess what? The application they submitted had 3 mistakes on it. Only problem was – they only told Frank about the “first” mistake they found. (Once they find a mistake – they just send it back. They don’t even look at the rest).

So, he fixed the first mistake. Sent it back. Then they found the “second” mistake and kicked it back. They fixed that.

Finally – they discovered the third and final mistake and – well you know the rest. So, once that hurdle was cleared (474 days latter) all his fiancé had to do was sit through a grueling four hour interview at the U.S. Embassy. And, if she didn’t pass this with flying colors…

…She wouldn’t be going anywhere!

Guess what? She flopped! But, this story ends happily. Because, Frank contacted me and I got his girl out of the Philippines in less than 90 days. And, it cost Frank less than a “weekend in Las Vegas” for me to do this for him.

Now, don’t get me wrong – some people do manage to get this done by themselves. Just beware…

…There are traps – everywhere!

Let me point some out – right now. I hope you’re not squeamish because what I’m going to reveal to you right now about this “visa” process – may upset you. What has become a simple “greased slide” for me and my clients – has quickly turned into an absolute “Nightmare on Elm Street” for ordinary “civilians” that go it alone.

For example: Do you know…

· What your girl must NOT say during the Embassy interview – EVER!
· What 3 words must NOT be on your girls police clearance – EVER!
· What government agency NOT to submit your application to – EVER!

If you don’t know these answers – you’re in too deep already. Because these agonizing mistakes alone, will set you back a year – at least! (Remember Frank?)

Also, did you know that Philippine girls embarrass easily? It’s in their culture. They don’t want to appear “inept”. And, at the first sign of trouble on her end she may mysteriously vanish. Why? Because she’ll feel she let you down.

· Because the person she hired to get her passport – took her money and sold the passport on the black market. (Happens all the time).




· Because she spends weeks getting a bewildering array of “clearances” only to discover – that each one is invalid!
· Because she got a do-it-yourself visa kit from some bonehead who hasn’t bothered to update it in years – and it’s worthless!

Hundreds of “do-it yourselfer” guys have called me to try and fix things after their girl has disappeared on them. Sometimes I can salvage the situation – sometimes I can’t! The girl is just too embarrassed to ever face the guy again!

If you are trying to get your girl out of the Philippines – the absolute best thing you can do is hire someone who knows exactly what they’re doing before you fill out one single sheet of paper.


Because if they don’t know this stuff – you might as well be…

…Walking blindfolded through a minefield!

Just take a look at these “time-bombs” waiting to blow your petition up and set you back a year or two.

· The “mysterious” clearances your girl MUST have before she can even apply for a passport. Do you know who to contact? And – exactly what must be on each one?
· This simple (4 word) phrase guarantees your girl passes” the traumatizing Embassy interview. If she muffs this up – you’ll be starting over! (And she’ll be in tears)
· Five most common “blunders” that invalidate your application! This will set you back another year – at least!
· Paying an attorney 5 grand will make sure this gets done right – won’t it? WRONG! Attorneys hire me all the time to clean up their messes. Only problem is – some girls feel so humiliated and defeated by the time I get involved – they’re ready to back out!
· Hire one of these “agents” and your girl will be arrested the minute she steps off the plane in the USA. Then, she’ll be deported and never allowed back!
· The Embassy has 3 “trick” questions. Missing just one will cost you six months. (I know what they are – and exactly how to answer them).
· The ABSOLUTE FIRST THING your girl MUST get before she does anything! Nobody else knows this “secret”. It’ll save you three months in wasted time – and costs just $7.

Remember – Frank endured 4 torturous, lonely, fearful years. And, put his fiancée through a lot of grief.

You have to ask yourself – “Do you want your sweetheart at home with you fast?” Or, do you want to try and save a few hundred dollars like Frank did?

And, if you’ve already submitted an application – you need to get help at the first sign of trouble! Before things spiral out of control!

You can hire me (I don’t cost very much – and I have a 100% success rate) or, you can mortgage your house and hire an attorney. If you go that route – make sure it’s an “Immigration” attorney.

Now, let’s talk about attorneys for a minute. MANY attorneys have hired me to get THEIR own fiancées and THEIR own wives out of the Philippines. Plus – many so-called “immigration” attorneys will collect a fat fee from you – then hire me to do all of their work for them.

That’s right. You pay them. Then they pay me. You’ll save yourself about 80% by just calling me – direct. But, if you feel better about having an “attorney” do this – just remember to get one who specializes in immigration.

Now, I’ve been doing this for thirty years. I have a 100% success rate. I’ve successfully processed over 4,700 visas (every kind you can imagine) And, I have NEVER been turned down – not once!

Okay, most people want to know how I can get this done for you with such a low fee and save you so much money. Well, I’m going to tell you. Come closer, I don’t want you to miss a word of this. And, what I reveal to you here – is VERY important. You’ll see why in just a minute.

I have an office in the Philippines. I pay less than a grand a month for rent. And, it’s a nice office! Did you know that those fancy attorney offices in the USA can cost $20,000 to $65,000 a month?

Who do you think pays for that?

My employees in the Philippines get well paid… (well lets just say that $300.00 a month is pretty good money there).

Bottom line – I don’t have a bunch of fancy, expensive overhead.

And, notice what I do havean office in the Philippines. Guess where 87% of ALL problems happen? Guess where those problems MUST be handled? Guess where your fiancée needs to be “coached” 10 minutes before her Embassy interview?

That’s right! And, that’s why I always come through for my clients. I have “feet on the ground” where it really matters.

· I’ve driven down muddy roads to get an NBI clearance fixed on the fly.
· I’ve told police chiefs (with a 2nd grade education) the exact, specific phrase that must be on the Police clearance.
· I’ve prepared thousands of girls for the Embassy interview. And, even walked them to the Embassy’s front door. And then put them on a plane for the states when they walked out.

This is exactly why so many attorneys turn to me when things go rotten for them. I’ve rescued more “attorney” deals than I can remember! Only problem is – their client keeps footing the bill for all these “complications” and “add on’s”.

And, there’s nothing scarier than watching your bank account go down faster than the Titanic. Especially when you’re stuck in the middle of this.

That will NOT be the case with me – you know exactly what it’s going to cost up-front. And, you’ll NEVER get a bill for talking to me on the phone. And, guess what? It gets even better because I give you a “no hassle”…

100% Money Back Guarantee!

If I don’t deliver, why should you pay me a dime? You shouldn’t! So, even though I have a 100% success rate. If for some wild reason I can’t do what I promise – It won’t cost YOU a dime! I’ll refund every penny!

You might check and see if you can get ANY attorney to promise that.

So, here’s what you get with me:

· Someone “on the ground” in the Philippines who eliminates most problems before they start.
· Someone who can deal with any problems that pop up (and they do) and solve them quickly. I mean we’re talking about minutes and hours – not days and weeks.
· Someone who knows the exact word-for-word phrases and words that must be on all seven “clearances” to make them valid. And, they are ALL different.
· Someone who knows the in’s and out’s of the “birth certificate” quagmire. I’ll get your girls birth certificate “nailed down” – fast. Then we’re off to the races!
· Someone who can turn this bewildering, complicated process into a quick, step-by-step, slam-dunk for you.

Plus, you get:

· Someone who’s straight with you and keeps you informed – every step of the way.
· Someone who quotes you a fee and sticks with it.
· Someone who will keep tabs on your fiancée and make sure she stays psychologically “sound” and upbeat through the entire process. (The girls working for me will become like sisters to your girl). Very important that she is not alone!

If you hire me, I’ll work like a bulldog for you. I’ll get your girl out of the Philippines as FAST as humanly possible. I won’t let you down.

Here’s How You Can Get Started
In The Next 5 Minutes…

It’s easy! Just call me. It’s FREE. That way you can tell me what’s going on. And, I’ll tell you what needs to be done next.

Now, the nice thing about talking to me is that I won’t try and “sell” you anything. We’re just going to have a nice friendly chat. Just like a couple of guys having coffee.

If at the end of the call you want me to work for you – great! If not – that’s fine too. We’ll still be pals and, you’ll come out way ahead of where you are right now.

Here’s a few more things I’ll clue you in on:

· The communication gap and how it guarantees problems. Hint: You tell your girl to do one thing. She does the opposite. And, she thinks she did precisely what you wanted! Why? Just ask me. I’ll tell you about this “quirky” phenomenon.
· Put in some wrong information on this form (no matter how innocent) and you’ll be up on fraud charges! You’ll want to know about this – for sure!
· You’ll discover why 42% of the girls (not the ones I handle) leave the Embassy – crying! And, they’re NOT crying for joy. They’ve been rejected! Again – you need someone over there to help your fiancé every step of the way.

Pick up the phone and give me a holler. Have a cup of coffee handy. And lets chat, just you and me.

Now there is one catch. It’s a small thing really, but here it is. If you haven’t even met a girl yet – please don’t call me asking how to do that. I get guys all the time who are drunk and think running to the Philippines to get a girl might be fun.

I Don’t Do That!

But, if you’re already goo-goo eyes in love. Now, that’s a different story.

If you can almost “smell” her perfume. If you can almost “taste” that first kiss as she steps off the plane. If you crave the pleasure of holding her in your arms. Well – you need to call me this instant!

What The Heck Are You Waiting For?

Here’s all you need to do. Grab your phone right now and ring me up.

The best number to reach me at is: 702-658-3503.

Please – understand. I work back and forth between the USA and the Philippines. And, I flat out might be snoozing for a little bit (I operate 24 hours a day – with naps in between). If I do not answer the phone – please leave a message anyway. I will call you back – on my dime – the instant I get your message.

So, again – call me right now at: 702-655-4578

Listen, we’re talking about your fiancée, your future wife, your lover, your friend, or maybe one day the mother of your child… are you going to risk your future, happiness, pleasure, and money on anything but proven success?

Make the call: 702-655-4578 


Mike Tessitore
P.S. Please remember – I take on these “professional visa killers” at the American Embassy – everyday. And, I NEVER lose. My overhead is very low – so you won’t have to mortgage your house to pay me! Plus, I’m the only guy that guarantee’s results! – or your money back!

Call me now… 702-658-3503

P.P.S. If for some reason – you can’t get me on the phone (when I’m in the Philippines the phone service there is sometimes a little wacky) just email me at be sure and put your phone number with area code in your email so I can call you back.

“The process of gaining a Fiancée Visa is a confusing one for most Americans. Even frustrating, no less. The money spent was well worth the service, guidance and telephone/e-mail support provided. And…Mike, the fee could have been DOUBLE, and I still would have paid for your service! I can say nothing more than THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”

Woodie W. Allen III
“I’m writing this words to tell you how a huge blessing you and staff have been for me and wife.Your staff in Cebu, Emily, Rizza, Arlene and Jun are great people to deal with, they become like our family. They do such a great job. Thank You so much.”

Your friend,
“I can’t thank you enough for keeping your promise, and helping my brother, Tim Sikes. I trusted a stranger when times like these seems you trust no one. You have restored my faith that like angels, no matter how far away you are, they’re there.”

“HELLO!…and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!…From Elena and Dennis Foley…Florida, USA…We want to wish every one.. especially Mike…a very Happy and Healthy New Year…We got married in December, and are actually getting along very well…Anyways, we would never of made it with out your help..”

Thank You, Sincerely,
Dennis and Elena…
“Tonight is our 2nd Year Anniversary (can you believe it how the time flies). We are going out to dinner at Hunan’s Restaurant and will stay for a while to enjoy some Karaoke…

Thanks to the both of you once again for enhancing both our lives….”

Your Friends,
Dale  & Josephine Stagg

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